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My work is an echo of life’s changes with a strong emphasis on breaking points. The subjects matter often deal with sudden disasters, the passage of time or the apathy into which we slowly abandon ourselves. Through the amalgamation of disparate and precarious components, hoped for, lived or illusory stories take shape.


I am interested in the imagery of everyday life and mundane objects. I enjoy observing how the status of an object changes according to its context. Combining a false glamour, pop culture and a certain degree of rusticity, my work tends to question notions of utility. From subtle shifts of reality to improbable eclectic compositions, different layers of distortions alter the numerous tools surrounding us. I also use the lack of information to open up these “utilitarian sculptures” to new, fuzzy narratives, disregarding their passive or active functions. Driven by the tangible manifestation of change; the pivotal moment when an event is shifting or a material is transforming. I seek to translate the precise moment of the unpredictable, when the banal meets the surreal. Notions of chaos and fantasy are combined with those of absence.

I also work in duo and trio with other artists:

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