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Study about the blue of the universe

Selected found objects, part of previous sculptures and new sculptures.
Installation: approx. 75 x 100 x 20 cm.

As a potter living in a world already full of objects, several years ago I chose to stop making pottery as a living. But I have continued to maintain a very strong connection with objects, mostly with daily or even mundane objects. I consider that our environments (spaces, light, smells, colors, objects, etc.) have a deep impact on us. I totally relate to what the artist Mat Chivers describes here: "For 200 000 years, human beings have handle materials and as we handle those materials there is been a sort of reciprocal feedback. And those materials have actually shaped our own neurology and our physiology. You know, the tools that we have made have always shaped us in return."[1] As a collector of small various treasures and also as a “maker”, I want to play with both sources of objects to create narratives.


We live in a strange world where we often prefer to pay, at a very low cost, for objects made on the other side of the planet and then we have to change them frequently because they are cheap. In a kind of contrast, as a formed ceramist/potter, I really appreciate crafts of any kind. In brief, my new researches are paying attention to the mundane in association with notions of “mondanités”. I work on installations that resist to the lack of attention given to daily objects around us.


[1] Musée d’art de Joliette, Entrevue : Mat Chivers (Migrations), 2018,

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